Greenlight for girls day @Brussels 2013 Workshop Choice 

Below you will find the names and descriptions of all the workshops provided at the g4gday@Brussels 2013 with a corresponding code. From section 1 please choose one workshop and from section 2 please choose two workshops and enter the codes on the form below. The fourth workshop will be a surprise!

Please note if you have not registered to the event and have not recieved a confirmation email from us you would not be able to enter your workshop choices.  

 You can find all the choices here: LIST OF ALL WORKSHOPS TO CHOOSE FROM

Deadline: Please note that the deadline for workshop registration is Wednesday the 13th of November. If you do not select your workshops by this time we will choose the workshops for you.  

Science Books: In support of our g4g science library  we are asking all girls to donate a science book that they have enjoyed learning from. We will be sending these books to  underprivileged  communities in Uganda, Peru and Morocco. We also encourage girls to write a personalized note in the books to another girl across the world!

Lab-coats  : Lab-coats are our little treat to all the girls at the event. This year we will have some lab-coats available but we encourage the girls who attended previous g4g days and recieved a lab-coat to bring it and add to the beautiful canvases they have already created. Our lab-coats are signed form girls all over the world, how many signatures can you get on yours? 

How Great is Melissa's Labcoat in these pictures?? 


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