Together we inspire the future generation of STEM leaders!

Our partnership began in our headquarters in Brussels over 5 years ago and it has grown exponentially year after year.

In collaboration with amazing Cisco professional role-models, we now host events in Amman, Krakow, Barcelona, GoaBelgrade, Brussels, Seville and Madrid!

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Cisco about the g4g partnership

This collaboration works so well because g4g makes it easy for Cisco to get involved with existing events and/or launch events in new cities across the globe! Our partnership covers three different pillars with Cisco by 1) promoting STEM education, 2) advocating gender diversity and 3) giving back to the community & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Cisco's main goal is to excite the future generation around Cisco technology & innovation - read a blog from Cisco's Global Greenlight for Girls contact, Aurelia Takacs, to learn more from the Cisco Learning Network! We want to achieve this by hosting hands-on, interactive events & workshops all over the world & by demonstrating just how fun a future in technology can be. 

g4g@work Concept Launch w/Cisco

Considering the huge success of Cisco's custom-made, hands-on workshops hosted at our annual event - g4g Day@Brussels -  we took our collaboration to the next level and introduced a new global concept: g4g@work led by Aurelia Takacs and an incredible team of role models in Cisco Belgium!

Read up on our blog here...

  Jelena Ardalic demonstrates the fun in Coding!

Jelena Ardalic demonstrates the fun in Coding!

  Girls experience Telepresence  with the Krakow team!

Girls experience Telepresence  with the Krakow team!

  Wim Ockerman teaches Arduino Electronics!

Wim Ockerman teaches Arduino Electronics!

Where to Next?

Our upcoming events with Cisco

 SEPTEMBER 22   g4g Day @Krakow


g4g Day @Krakow

 OCTOBER 6  g4g Day @Barcelona


g4g Day @Barcelona


Take a look at all of g4g's upcoming events on the event calendar.  In collaboration with Cisco in particular, here's our growing list of areas in discussion:  Costa Mesa, Istanbul, London, NYC, Raleigh, Mexico City, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Chennai, Sydney, and Sofia!

Around the World with Cisco & g4g

Meet the Cisco Lead

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Aurelia is on our advisory board for corporate partnerships and is our diversity & inclusion expert, global Cisco contact, AND Project Manager for g4g in Amman, Krakow & now Barcelona! She’s piloted our‘g4g@work’ concept w/ Cisco, which we will use with other companies around the world! As a “world citizen” in Brussels, she loves kitchen science and watching "The IT Crowd"! She hopes to inspire the next generation of female STEM leaders around the world! All about her launch in Jordan here!