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This website allows you to donate to a specific project of your choice and be more aware of the impact of your donation.

$20 – Offers an opportunity for 2 girls to visit their families from university

$50  Buys 1 year of college supplies, books and access to internet for 1 girl

$80 – Provides with 3 months of nutritious food, clean water and medical visits when needed for 1 girl

$100 – Provides with 3 months of nutritious food, clean water and medical visits when needed for 1 girl

$500 – Sends 1 girl to school for 1/2 year including tuition and living expenses

$10 – Provides transport to the event location for 1 girl

$30 – Provides food, nutrition and transport for the day for 1 girl

$50 – Provides access to computer and lab equipment

$75 – Provides labcoat and workshop materials

$100 – Fully sponsors one girl for the day including following up their progress after the event and ongoing activities until the next event



$10 – Contributes 2 books to a science library

$50 – Contributes 5 books and shipping costs to a science library

$75 – Ships 25 books to a science library!

$150 – Ships 50 books to a science library!

$350 – Creates a new science library for a rural school or orphanage!

What did we do with your kind donations? Read the latest reports here:  

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Global Scholarships: Our greenlight girls attend their first semester!

Greenlight for girls is pleased to report this quarter's status of our young girl scholars pursuing their higher education in science in Bangalore, India. Our scholarship recipients are now enrolled in their very first semester of university! In fact, these bright girls are currently experiencing their first major exams. The generous donations from our globalgiving community has provided their tuition fees, book fees, exam fees and the transportation so thay may live and/or visit with their families. Greenlight for girls has provided the opportunity to meet with them outside of their studies as well. Our Board Director in India has met the girls, treated them to lunch and coached them on their studies and future. This will continue throughout their programme. In fact, after their exams, we will be arranging a special plant tour for them with one of the major employers in the area. These scholars will now comprise a special group of greenlight for girls Ambassadors in the area. They will continue to play an important role to encourage and inspire more girls and boys to pursue their studies, especially in the STEM subjects. We look forward to bringing you the next news of the educational pursuit of these special girls.