Our g4g Makerspace events are all about creativity, engineering, and design... while simply having fun! To do so, we invite 20 girls and boys aged 9-14 to our headquarters in Brussels once a month on a Saturday morning. It's the perfect opportuntiy to explore a new theme & make all the science behind "making" come to life! Parents are most welcome to join the fun, too.

Next g4g Makerspaces

Molecular Cooking!

SATURDAY, APRIL 21ST | 9:00 - 12:30

In this 4th edition, we’ll be looking at the scientific side of cooking. Which chemical reactions are involved in cooking our favourite meals? We figure out which ingredients are acid, which are base and what this means for what we're about to cook. Getting hungry already? Click on the button below to register!


Each individual session will cost 40 euro per child. If you decide to join us for the next session or next 2 sessions as well, we will provide you with a discount! You can't buy 2 or 3 sessions at the same time yet, but when signing up for your second or third session, you will be able to select your discount.

1 session = 40 euro                               2 sessions = 70 euro                             3 sessions =  90 euro

Past Makerspaces


Racing Robotics

Our third #g4gmakerspace was all about robots and racing. We made bristlebots and scribblebots while learning about circuits and experienced first hand how they work in practice. After creating amazing designs, we had our bots race against each other! Click here if you want to see the photo album. Click on the "instructions" button if you want to try it again at home!


Slime meets Design

The theme of our second edition of #g4gmakerspace was Slime meets Design. We experimented by making slime, "Non-Newtonian" fluid, and putty; group ideating as we figured out how to apply these fun & funky materials into everyday needs, and finally prototyping our idea into life! Curious? Click here to see the photo album. Want to try it again at home? Click on our slime recipes!!


Conductive Fabrics

In our very first #g4gmakerspace, we showed the link between science, technology and engineering by exploring circuitry. The kids had a chance to tinker their very own LED creation using batteries, conductive thread, and colourful fun felt - all the while learning to perfect sewing techniques & electrical circuits! Want to see some more of the beautiful creations the kids made? Click here for some pictures!