The greenlight for girls Team




Melissa Rancourt, Chairman and Founder. Melissa is an engineer herself and loves the Big Bang TV show, so much so that she does a workshop based on it which has proved to be one of the favourites of the girls. Melissa is a true science geek and doesn't mind who knows this!


Joyce Lualaba is one of the board of directors, and is based in Kinshasa!  Joyce believes in project management as a way of being successful in business and life.  She loves all sciences related to plants, animals and planets: biology, zoology, astronomy, cosmology,  chemistry and is addicted to... the Discovery Channel! 


Sarah Thomas is the ultimate teacher.  She works in the field of International Education and looks forward to our future work with teachers to bring fun new ideas into the classroom.  It isn't the surprising to know that Sarah loves to learn -- and she loves to dive into the fun detail of the science experiments and how they work.


Chandana Bhattacharya loves technology and she loves research!  She is our leader in gender equality and we all learn so much from her.  Chandana brings passion to everything she does - and this is contagious for all of us.


Juliana Mitrevski is an Australian teacher living in Denmark and LOVES so many things, science, gender issues, organizing events and especially a challenge! She is our Project manager in Denmark.


Kelly Torres can tell you the best time of the year for star-gazing!  She is our resident Astrophysicist and we wouldn't be surprised at all if the number of scientists in Our Branco, Brazil triples due to Kelly's passion in sharing her knowledge about the stars.


Ana Paula Urzedo is an Agrobiologist and shows our greenlight girls and her university students about the importance of Chemistry, 


Nevena Kostic enjoys finding the fun in our everyday work and inspiring girls to find this as well!  She loves telling people that Albert Einstein signed her lab coat at her very first greenlight for girls event.... and he really did!
Mariana Garabini loves mathematics!  She really does!  Her enthusiasm in finding the fun in math is now shared by all her students at university and at greenlight for girls events.


Elisangela Pinto is the person we go to for learning about Physics.  She brings her knowledge of how physics is a part of our everyday life right into her university classroom 


Lindsey Cabral is our super volunteer from Southcoast helping put together our US events. 


Paige Pennypacker is another one of our super volunteers and a teacher too! She is running the 2013 Southcoast event 



Stephen Hegedus is passionate about the education of STEM and encouraging women and girls to enter into science studies and fields.


Leonie Goettsch is one of our two new ladies joining the team as a training program during her Masters Degree. She is crazy about experiments and snow too! 


Mariana Alencar has joined g4g as a training program during her Masters degree and is originally from Brazil! She brings the Rio carnival into the g4g head quarters and is great with all our Brazil communication. 


Milena Amvrazi-Diamantopoulou is the Project Co-ordinator for our upcoming event in Athens, Greece. She is a PR wiz woman who is fascinated by science and wishes she could also be a surgeon! 


Hasnae has been a volunteer for greenlight for girls for a year now and she is always looking to get more involved. She is our new Morocco leader and will be in charge of coordinating all our activities in Morocco. She is also based in Brussels and regularly volunteers to help at events and run projects!


Pam is a star volunteer! She is a part of our Partner Boston University Brussels and has taken a key role in sponsoring the g4g Science Books program that helped get science books to India and Cameroon. She will be working with us on more projects this year and we are grateful to have her on our team!

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Soundharya is also not new to greenlight for girls! She led the Global scholarships project in 2012 and helped us get 4 girls in India to University! She is back on the board for the next set of girls and will lead the project!



Siqi Huang is one of our newest interns! She loves volunteering and she is excited about this opportunity to work with g4g. She will be helping to plan a fundraising event in Brussels.



Jeff Hintz is one of the interns at Greenlight for Girls as a part of his Summer Study Abroad Course. He studies History at Boston University but also enjoys science experiments!

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Melanie was born in New York, and attends the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth where she is pursuing her bachelor of science in medical laboratory science and biotechnology. She loves reading about women scientists and is a self-proclaimed chemistry geek, crocheting the periodic table of elements into blanket to pass time after breaking her leg. 


As leader of the greenlight for girls Detroit Chapter, Bridget used her tenacity and determination to bring greenlight for girls to Detroit. Under her guidance, she established the first greenlight for girls chapter in the United States. Working with a group of dedicated volunteers, the Detroit chapter serves girls who are interested in the STEM fields. The group meets once a month and they continue to grow each month. Thanks for being persistent, Bridget—we are lucky to have you!


Myrto is a student in Greece. She really loves Math and Physics, and she cannot wait until next year to start her Engineering degree! She is joining the team as our very first g4g global science tutor!


Smita is our first intern of 2014! The issues of women’s equality and education are close to home for her both as a woman, someone of indian heritage, and as a graduating university student.